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Monitor Stands 90 Black Edition with a studio suitable height of 90 cm in black.
Keyboard Racks with ergonomic 19inch insets above the keyboards
space saving, available in black or silver.
Equipment Racks
for electronic devices such as drum computers, effects processors and amps.
Mounting additional holders without dismantling the stand

Many customers order additional holders to put further devices and keyboards on the Keyboard Stand or Keyboard Rack. Until recently the stand or rack had to be dismantled partly before mounting the holders. That's history. Because of two-piece clamps the holders can be mounted at any positions. Stand or rack remain complete, even the keyboards can stay where they are.

Larger Keyboard Racks

At the suggestion of customers we now also offer Keyboard Racks with six tiers, our KR200-6 with inner widths of 120, 140 and 150 cm and with a height of 200 cm. The Racks are equipped with rollers and available in black or silver.