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About Us

Our Company was founded in 1985 by designer and musician Hermann Jaspers and has been producing stands and racks for more than 30 years. They are used on stages and in studios. The world's best and most extensive keyboard stand selection is manufactured in our company in Springe/Germany. Our stands and racks are made of black and silver anodized aluminium - this makes them light and very stable as well due to their special construction.

Aluminium profiles are cut in the first step of creating our products. This is followed by further processing, including assembly with glass fiber reinforced connectors. Stands and racks that have been preassembled in this way are then packaged, shipped worldwide, and assembled into keyboard stands, racks or studio monitor stands by our customers in New York, London, Tokyo or Rosenheim. These high-end products are complemented by a host of accessories such as music and laptop stands or micro boom arms.

We place great value on flawless processing as well as hight levels of ergonomic and design quality so that our customers will always enjoy working with our products.

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