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JASPERS 1R-140B Keyboard Stand with swivel casters, diameter 100 mm. Two casters can be locked. Made in Germany, from black anodized aluminium with 1 tier, height 78 cm, width 150 cm, inner width 140 cm, depth 50 cm. The height of the tier is pre-adjusted at 74 cm (top side of the holders) but can be adjusted lower. It is supplied with holders of 50 cm length, which are fixed on the front tube and lie also on the rear tube. That makes the stand suitable for heavy instruments up to 40 kgs.The rollable 1R-140B can be ordered with an adjustable Music Stand (see item number 705 - 1R-140B with Music Stand).Fit for stage and studio.Suitable accessories: monitor holders, micro boom arm, music stand, laptop stand, LCD adapter.

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