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JASPERS Keyboard Rack 175-3-123-19-6S, silver anodized aluminium tubes, inner width 123 cm, total width 133 cm, height 175 cm, depth 50 cm, with 3 tiers. Extra strong lower tier with holders of 60 cm length for heavy keyboards. With two 19 inch inset, 6 units each, angled in ergonomic design, including 48 screw sets. All tiers are height adjustable and inclinable, the upper tiers with holders 40 cm can be adjusted in depth. Weight capacity: bottom tiers up to 40 kgs, upper tiers up to 15 kgs or more with strengthening set. The rack is equipped with casters, two of them lockable, optionally black casters with a diameter of 75 mm, which are mounted on the shown rack, or 100 mm casters. Weight capacity of both types of casters: 75 kgs each. Please specify the desired type of casters in your order (casters 75 mm or casters 100 mm).

Suitable accessories: further holders, monitor holders, micro boom arm, music stand, laptop stand, TFT LCD monitor adapter.


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